Unmanned Leadership Forum: Blue and Green UAS

On May 3rd we will be streaming a live conversation discussing the Blue and Green UAS programs and their implications on the UAS industry. This panel has been called the "Coachella of public safety UAS" so you won't want to miss it.

Michael Robbins - Green UAS (AUVSI)
Trent Emeneker -  Blue UAS (DIU)
Jon Beal - Law Enforcement Drone Association
Charles Werner - Droneresponders
Tim Martin - LACRTC
Chris Eyhorn - Dronesense
Vern Sallee - Axon
Rich Gatanis - Southern Manatee Fire Rescue
Bobby Sakaki - Industry Expert
Brett Kanda - Industry Expert

Hosted by Randall Warnas

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* 1. If you would like to be reminded about this event on the day of May 3rd, leave your email here. Since it is on YouTube there is not another way to register.

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* 2. Regarding Blue UAS, Green UAS, or anything else relevant to this conversation, what questions do you have for the panel?