* 1. Before today, did you know about or have you heard about…

  Very well Well Pretty well A little Only the name Not at all
The Geneva Conventions (GCs)
International Humanitarian Law (IHL)
The Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)
Human Rights

* 2. If you have heard of them, where did you hear about International Humanitarian Laws (IHL) or the Geneva Conventions (GCs)?

* 3. Are you interested in knowing more about the GCs, IHL, or Human Rights?

* 4. Have you heard about the idea of integrating international humanitarian law in video games?

* 5. Have you played a video game for which you don’t meet the required age? (e.g. Call of Duty: Black Ops when you were under 18)

* 6. How do you get your games? (please select the most frequent ways)

* 7. Do you play or have you played war games that include a contemporary setting? (E.g. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Arma 2)

* 8. If so, which ones?

* 9. What aspects of war games appeal to you?

* 10. Do you think war games are realistic?

* 11. Do you think real soldiers act in the same way on the battlefield?

* 12. While you’re playing online, what do you feel when you kill another person’s avatar?

* 13. When you’re playing online, what do you feel when your avatar is killed?

* 14. While you play virtual war games, have you noticed scenes which would violate the rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL)? (select those which concern you)

* 15. Have you virtually committed, in the course of a game, actions that would violate IHL?

* 16. While playing war video games, do you think about the rules of IHL?

* 17. Do you think that developers should apply the rules of IHL in their war video games?

* 18. If developers applied the rules of IHL, would their game be more...

* 19. Do you think war games should allow players to commit acts that would be violations of International Humanitarian Law if done in real life? (eg. killing civilians)

* 20. Do you think that if a player respected the rules of IHL in the game, he or she should be rewarded? (for example, more points or a medal)

* 21. Do you think that if a player violates IHL in a game, he or she should be punished? (for example, a ‘game over’ or a points penalty)

* 22. Certain developers, to respect IHL, wish to remove the presence of all civilians in their war games. Do you think that this would be a good solution?

* 23. You are...

* 24. How old are you?

* 25. How many hours, on average, do you play video games per week?

* 26. At what age did you start playing video games?

* 27. What are your preferred types of games? (choose the most important and frequently played)

* 28. Which platform do currently use? (select the most played)

* 29. Do you have any clarifications/explanations that you would like to make on your responses? (indicate the number of questions)

* 30. Do you have any remarks/comments/views on this subject?