Thank you for your interest in piloting the online professional development modules for the Recruiting Washington Teachers Curriculum (RWT). These modules are intended to support teachers who will teach the Recruiting Washington Teachers curriculum through a Careers in Education or Teacher Academy course in their high schools.

During the spring and summer of 2017, a group of 12 teachers from across the state collaboratively developed online content and professional development modules for implementing the RWT curriculum on behalf of the Professional Educator Standards Board, that oversees the program. 

We are seeking educators to pilot the modules in September and October and provide both feedback on the content as well as the format of the modules. This feedback will be used to revise the modules and have them finalized in the winter. 

In order to participate, pilot people will need to attend a live introductory webinar and then pilot and provide feedback on up to 4 modules. CSTP will pay $25 per module feedback received.

* 1. First name

* 2. Last name

* 3. Email address

* 4. Teaching Assignment or Position

* 5. Name of school

* 6. Name of school district

* 7. Are you an NBCT?

* 8. Tell us in 50 words or less why you are interested in working on this pilot project.

* 9. Are you currently a Teaching Academy/RWT/CIE teacher OR will you be teaching this course next year?

* 10. What month would you like to pilot the modules?