The Climate Task Force of the Old South Church in Boston (OSC) is seeking to build a team of  "Climate Advocates", individuals and households who are willing to be called upon, from time to time, to pick up a pen, to make a call, to join in a visit with an elected official, to attend a meeting or hearing, to attend a rally, and so on.  The only requirement is a genuine concern for our warming planet and the threat that that means for all living things, today and tomorrow, and a desire to try to make a difference and to be part of the solution.  There are no specific time requirements, and participation in various suggested "advocacy" steps are up to each person to elect whether to join in or not.  

We encourage everyone to fill out this short survey, whether you are interested in becoming an "OSC Climate Advocate" or not, so that our Climate Justice & Advocacy Working Group will have a better understanding of our collective interest, advocacy experience and commitment.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and interest.  Questions?  Please do not hesitate to ask and to reach out to member of the OSC Climate Task Force through its Steering Committee and its Working Groups.

Thank you,
OSC Climate Task Force Steering Committee
Mary Ann Lape, Chair

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