Welcome to the Midweek Bass Anglers 2018 tournament survey.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your input on the Midweek Bass Angler’s 2019 Tournament Schedule. Our goal is to create a schedule that gets as many anglers on the water, catching as many big bass as possible.  We will do our best to get you on the water, but as far as catching the big bass, as John Milkint says, “its all in the presentation,” so the catching part is on you.  We have discovered several factors that affect participation; does the lake fish well?, or is it producing low bag weights? Another key consideration we have found is to stay local when it is very hot or very cold (Saguaro, Bartlett, Pleasant), and use the camping lakes when the weather is nice. That being said here is a draft of what we are proposing for 2019.  If you don’t like our recommendation for a particular month, you can select a different lake from the pull down menu.

Midweek Bass Anglers Proposed 2019 Tournament Schedule

• January 2019 Pleasant Lake, safe-lite to 3PM
• February 2019 Martinez Lake, safe-lite to 3PM
• March 2019 Alamo Lake, safe-lite to 3PM
• April 2019 Roosevelt Lake, safe-lite to 3PM;
• May 2019 Bartlett Lake, safe-lite to 2PM
• June 2019 Canyon Lake, safe-lite to 11AM
• July 2019 Saguaro Lake, safe-lite to 11AM
• August 2019 Bartlett Lake, safe-lite to 11AM
• September 2019 Saguaro Lake, safe-lite to 1PM
• October 2019 Roosevelt Lake, safe-lite to 3PM
• November 2019 Alamo Lake, safe-lite to 3PM

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