Many thanks for your interest in submitting a piece to the EDDi 'What Next for International Education?' special edition. 

Our hope is to reflect a variety of views and opinions, across a range of domains, covering what next for international education.

You can choose to write about any topic you like and in any style. If you need inspiration, a few prompts:

In the immediate term, what might next year look like? Will learning continue to be on, off or blended? What will the teacher recruitment situation look like? Once countries are vaccinated, will the flood gates open with teachers rushing home (are we looking at a year of broken contracts)?

What will happen to student numbers? Will the market remain localised, overseas students either remaining locked-out of countries or reluctant to travel, preferring options closer to home? Where will the growth markets be? Will there even be any growth markets?

Longer term, has education changed? Should it change? What have we learnt from the last year that we should keep? What have we learnt we can do without?

If selected, your piece will be featured in a June edition of the Educational Digest International (EDDi). If you need more information about EDDi, head here; you can read back issues and subscribe here. EDDi has a global subscriber base, with our most popular editions reaching over 5,000 people, including teachers, Heads, Principals and senior educationalists - good exposure for your writing and for your school.

A few guidelines:

Submissions should be approx 500 words. More is OK if you need them, though 500 is the sweet spot.

Remember that the pieces will be read globally. As appropriate, you'll need to give enough contextual background to accommodate a diverse audience. Keep it brief though, you've got a limited word count.

If you do link to any theories, books, or journal articles (which, in moderation, you are welcome to), references should be in Harvard format.

The deadline for submissions is June 18th 2021, for publication in late June.

We will only contact directly submitters whose pieces we intend to include. If your piece isn't chosen, please accept our thanks in advance for your submission.

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Please remember to keep your submission around 500 words.

Prior to publication we may lightly edit the piece for style and clarity, we will, of course, endeavour to retain your original voice and tone.

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