ABOUT HCV: Heartland Charity Volunteers is an organization for women 21-30 who dream of sharing the Gospel Call, living and ministering in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. We participate in a year of service among the poor in faith-based facilities. We live in community with other young women volunteers. We serve others and are served by them, we discover our faith stories, we share experiences and insights with our community and we deepen our experience of prayer. St. Vincent de Paul, Father of the Poor, once said, “We cannot better secure our happiness than by living and dying in the service of the poor.”

ABOUT THE APPLICATION: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis into July prior to the August orientation. We prefer to receive applications NOW, to allow ample time to process and schedule interviews. Our space is limited so we accept only a few volunteers. Preference is given to early applications.


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Here is a list of the types of ministries where you might serve.
PLEASE CLICK on the number of the ONE that MOST interests you.

1. Medical Clinic for the Uninsured Poor – Nurse, Medical Assistant, Spanish translator, Mental health, other
2. Catholic Residential University – (98% of students on Financial Aid) – Campus Ministry and various entry level staff positions
3. Inner city Tutoring Program – General office support, tutoring
4. Inner city Catholic Elementary School (Large Hispanic population) – Teaching
5. Inner city Catholic High School (Large Hispanic population) – Teaching, tutoring, IT work, other
6. Inner city Catholic Social Service Center with dental clinic – Various entry level staff positions
7. Inner city child care/family service center – Various entry level staff positions
8. Services to the Homeless – Accompany homeless seeking housing, job, social services, other

* 21. Please click on ONE or TWO other placements that might interest you.

Thank you again for your interest in Heartland Charity Volunteers.
We appreciate your taking the time to complete this application.
We’d love to speak with you soon. Take care and God Bless!
Sisters Irene, Therese, and Vickie