GoSGV Weekly Trip Tracker

This brief survey will help the GoSGV team understand how you are using the program e-bikes. Please answer to the best of your memory about your bike trips in the past seven days.

You will have an opportunity to submit one survey each week you are enrolled in the GoSGV program. Each time you take the survey (up to once per week), you will be entered into a prize raffle. One winner per week will receive a discount on next month's program fee, and one winner at the end will receive grand prize of your own GoSGV bike. Thank you for your participation!
1.What did you use your e-bike for this week? Check all that apply.
2.How many times did you ride your bike this week? Count a trip to the store and back as one trip, for example.
3.About how many miles did you ride in the past week? (It may help to check your bike's odometer)
4.How many times you ride your e-bike to access public transit this week?
5.We are interested in how you would have gotten around this week if not for this e-bike and whether you would have taken some of these trips by car instead (your own, or Uber/Lyft).

If I had not ridden my e-bike this week, I would have used a car for...
6.Is there anything else you want us to know about your experience using your e-bike and being involved in the GoSGV program?
7.If you'd like to be entered into the weekly and grand prize raffles, please enter your e-mail address here. You can enter once for every survey you complete, up to once per week.
Thank you for completing the survey! To make next week's survey easier, you may want to jot down your odometer reading today and the trips you use your e-bike for in the coming week.