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Thank you for your feedback about the renovation and expansion of Campbell Community Center!

It's been nearly 30 years since the last major renovation of Campbell Community Center, so we are grateful to the community for voting to upgrade the second oldest senior center on the West Coast through the May 2018 Parks and Rec bond. We have collected extensive public and professional feedback on improvement needs for the facility over the past three years. Now we want your feedback to help us make informed decisions through design. Your input on this survey will help shape the types of programs offered in the doubled capacity of Campbell.

There are certain features that are already included in the future plans. For example, expanding and enriching the fitness offerings at Campbell is a priority of the project, meaning there will be dedicated fitness space. In the following questions, please provide some insight on how you currently use Campbell's facilities and what fitness classes we should offer in the future.

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* 1. How often do you currently go to Campbell Community Center?

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* 2. What are the primary reasons you currently go to Campbell Community Center? You can choose more than one.

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* 3. What types of fitness would you like to see prioritized in the plans for expansion? You can choose more than one.

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* 4. After the renovation and expansion do you see yourself using Campbell Community Center more often?

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