Private Business Mentorship for Creatives and Artists 

This application is an invitation for you to do something you have always dreamed of.  An invitation for you to connect to what really matters and to not just think about it, but to bring it out in the world.

This could be the year you
start a creative business,
finally write your ebook,
teaching paint parties,
start leading profitable workshops and retreats,
take your work into the world in a way you've dreamt of for years.

It could be the year you make a massive impact through building an online group and leading online programs with participants from all over the world.

It could be the year you focus on your personal creative practice or align with your purpose.

This. could. be. it.

So I'm asking during this application that you let your heart guide the answers. There is nothing to lose. Just a lot to gain...

Private Business Mentorship is a 90 Day initiation. It is an initiation that takes you from THINKING about what you want to do to SHARING your creative gifts with the world. It gets you out of your own way.

This is our starting point, a way for me to find out more about you and your dreams. Be as honest as possible so I can help you as best as I can.  We both want to make sure this is a good fit!  

I know it requires trust to fill this out when you don't know much. You may feel uncomfortable getting really real and sharing this with me. I get it.

Imagine me here sitting across from you, listening as you share. It's time to take action. Time to do things together, to reawaken the sleeping places and unleash that creative artist within.

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. 2. When you look at the next couple years, what do you want? Paint me a picture of your vision. If you don't know, that's okay too. Sometimes vision comes in bits and pieces. Not all at once as you'd like.

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* 3. Why do you want it?  

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* 4. Now, tell me the selfish reason you want this goal?

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* 5. If you accomplished this goal, describe how you would feel about yourself?

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* 6. What do you think is stopping you from achieving this goal, dream or vision?

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* 7. If there was ONE major thing I could do to help you achieve your vision, what would it be?   

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* 8. The Private Business Mentorship for Creatives and Artists is a 90 Day program where I work closely with you to move you forward towards your vision!   

The one time investment is $2500.   I am only accepting a few people for this program at this time so I can really help you get results.   

In order to make sure you and I are a good fit together, please check YES if you want to move forward with a phone call or NO, this isn't for me right now.  

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* 9. Please call me at the number listed below.   I want to know more!