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* 1. What is a 'Natural Toy'?

* 2. Have you ever purchased natural toys?

* 3. Why did you choose a natural toy? (if you have not, just choose the 'n/a' option and continue on to question 4)

* 4. If you have *not* purchased natural toys, why not? (if you have, then choose 'n/a' and go on!)

* 5. What qualities are important in a natural handmade toy?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important A must
Clear labeling
Renewable materials
Ethical source of materials
One of a Kind
Heirloom quality

* 6. Choose all answers that you believe to be TRUE about Natural Toys

* 7. What Natural Toys do you/ or have you had at home?

* 8. If you could choose one toy from http://beneaththerowantree.etsy.com for your home, which would it be?

* 9. Is there anything about the shop above that would prevent you from shopping or making a purchase?

* 10. Last one (completely optional)! To be entered into a draw to win a custom set of 3 Playsilks (35", $35 value), please leave your name and email address. Your information will be used for NO other purpose and will not be shared. You will not be contacted unless you win the drawing.