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Thor’s Hammer - Job Description

Job Title:  Skilled Joiner / Cabinetmaker

Job Summary

As a Skilled Joiner / Cabinetmaker at Thor’s Hammer you are an important part of our team of talented artisans.  You are able to work independently with minimal supervision to produce high quality custom designed furniture, bench tops and entry doors from beautiful recycled Australian Hardwoods. 

Hand tool and machine skills are both important, with an eye for detail and accuracy essential. Experience in working with solid timber is essential. Advanced training in fine joinery skills will be ongoing, and as you become familiar with our production methods and machinery, supervising and training apprentices will also be part of the role.

To succeed in this job you need to be passionate about recycling timber and our high quality, environmentally friendly products.   There is always more to learn in this role and plenty of potential to advance and take on more responsibility.

Principle Responsibilities

·  Planning jobs from drawings.
·  Selecting timber from packs and recording timber used.
·  Making bench tops, entry doors, tables and custom furniture.
·  Filling and finishing with natural plant based products.
·  Working as part of the team and supervising apprentices.

Performance Mission Statement

Your aim is to produce high quality joinery and cabinet work in recycled timbers efficiently and to time targets, contributing to the ongoing improvement and profitability of Thor’s Hammer.

Core Skills / Training Competencies

·  Read and understand plans and drawings.
·  Good arithmetic.
·  Knowledge of Australian hardwood timber species.
·  Clear handwriting.
·  Competent with jointer, thicknesser, panel saw, thickness sander, spindle moulder, mortiser and tenoner.
·  Competent with woodworking power tools.
·  Able to plan physical work safely.
·  Physically capable and strong.
·  Follow safe work methods and use equipment safely with appropriate PPE.
·  Good communication skills.
·  Positive problem solving attitude.

We can offer great opportunities for advanced training in fine timber joinery skills from our senior craftspeople who have long industry experience including teaching.

Key Relationships

You will be working closely with Ben Laffan our Joinery Supervisor who will be assigning jobs, giving training on our work methods and machinery, working with you on jobs and checking quality and times.
Thor Diesendorf, the business owner / manager will be available to consult on designs and work methods and will give regular feedback on your progress.
Gerry Andrews, Salesperson, and Anna Murray, Salesperson/Designer will be available to discuss design details and questions.
Our senior tradespeople, Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Tim will provide training and may work with you on jobs.
Sam De Smeth, tradesperson, will also provide training and you will work on jobs together.
We currently have three apprentices who will be available to work with you. You will provide training to them, especially once you are familiar with our machines and work methods.
Scott Carpenter, our Stock Control and Timber Selection Supervisor will be providing timber and packs for you to select from.
Ewald Bouwer, the Dressing Workshop Supervisor may be dressing and profiling timber for your jobs.
Working Conditions

Thor’s Hammer has been established for 21 years at the old Brickworks in Yarralumla, a site with national heritage significance.  It is a great place to work, with our workshop in one of the old machine sheds and our timber storage set up in between the original arched brick kilns.  The site is surrounded on one side by the old quarry and on the other by Westbourne Woods with big trees, rocky outcrops and open grasslands.  When we aren’t going for it, it is a very peaceful environment.

Our workshop includes a dressing area and most of the machines in one area, with mortise and tenoning and furniture making slightly separated. We have recently built an insulated drying room for finishing which is separated from the main workshop by a short gantry walkway. 

Most of our machinery is German Martin brand and is very accurate, safe and quiet.  We do still have a big bandsaw for re-sawing large timbers and it is noisy when operating.  We also have a fully enclosed and programmable Weinig 6 Head Moulder for dressing timbers.  In the workshop you will be required to wear hearing protection, safety boots, and hi-vis, all provided except your first pair of boots.  Safety glasses and gloves are also provided.

Recycled hardwoods are dense and heavy and working with them requires you to be in good physical condition and strong.  We have plenty of trolleys, pallet jacks, racks and rollers designed to make moving these timbers around safe and reduce fatigue.

For finishing we use a really great German, natural oil based finish called Osmo.  It is approved food safe and safe for children’s toys when dry.  Most of our filling is done with a plant based epoxy resin called Super Sap.  Nitrile gloves need to be worn while handling these products and we always work in a well-ventilated area when coating or filling.

We start the day at 7.40am with an optional 20 minute warm up and stretch session.  If you do take part (most staff do), 15 mins are paid and 5 minutes of the session are in your own time.  Our normal day finishes at 4.15pm but we are open from 8am till 5pm so some staff do 30-45mins overtime fairly regularly.  Fridays we finish early at 1.50pm to make a 38 hour week.  In January and February when the weather is hot we start and finish half an hour earlier.


Position is full time.  Pay to be negotiated in relation to relevant experience and skills, from approximately $50 to $60K per annum plus overtime plus super with full conditions.

Career Path

High achievers will have room to advance and take on more responsibility with corresponding increase in pay.

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