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We are asking for your vote on the Elsevier Foundation's support of LEAP, Amref Health Africa's health mobile application. The complete proposal can be found as attachment to the email you received. For your convenience, we have summarized below the key points. The initial request is for a pilot year of $40,000, with subsequent funding to be requested in 2021.


LEAP proposal highlights

Leap is Amref’s mobile learning application that trains health workers through basic mobile phones. As part of the Ethiopian government’s comprehensive COVID-19 approach, Amref has been appointed to roll out Leap to train health workers on COVID-19 in Ethiopia. To this end, Amref is mobilizing funds to train the first batch of 7,300 health workers.

This increased urgency to implement Leap for the COVID-19 response further supports Amref’s strategy to implement Leap to build the capacity of primary health workers in Ethiopia. 

With an ever-increasing population, the country needs to produce 30,000 health workers every year for the next 12 years to achieve universal health coverage by 2030. To this end, the Federal Ministry of Health is seeking to upgrade and increase the number of Health Extension Workers (EHWs). The traditional face to face learning practices will not be able to train health extension workers at the pace and scale required to fill the health workers gap in Ethiopia. By deploying Leap, a basic phone mobile learning solution, Amref can train health workers rapidly, at scale.

With more than 90 percent of Ethiopia’s geographic area having access to mobile service, the mobile phones offer tremendous opportunities in efficient health training delivery. The impact that can be realized by training health extension workers is tremendous: as 2 HEWs are typically assigned to one health post to serve a population ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 people, by training 7,500 health workers, a population of more than 11 million can be reached.

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