What is this survey about?

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This survey is part of a University of Melbourne research project funded by the Australian Government through the Victorian Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner (OESC). The project aims to inform and strengthen policy to support local (community-level) resilience to future extreme weather conditions.

If you are involved in any aspect of emergency management, disaster response or climate change adaptation (excluding research), we need your input. The survey will take approximately 20 mins (trials have taken from 12 to 25 mins).

The survey explores people's understanding and perception of issues relating to future extreme weather events. Some of the questions might be surprising or thought provoking, others might be outside your normal area of work or expertise. That's ok, just answer the questions as you can (most have an 'unsure' option). Remember - this is not about what you do or don't know. There are no right or wrong answers. All questions are voluntary.

What about privacy? Its anonymous. We have no way of knowing who you are unless you choose to provide us with your details.

Best regards,

Che Biggs
Research Fellow
Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab