Sat Nam and wholehearted thank you for coming to the 2012 Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration!
Please share your thoughts and ideas. Together we can continue to co-create a transformational experience and memorable event for all.

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Connecting with a spiritual community
Personal transformation
Group Sadhana
Morning Gurdwara
Workshops and Kundalini Yoga classes
Three days of White Tantric Yoga®
Karma Yoga
Langar: Community Meal Time
Evening All-Camp Gatherings and Programs
Yogi Tea Cafe

* 2. Please rate the following special programs

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Welcome Ceremony
Dev Suroop Kaur Chant/Concert
White Sun Chant/Concert
The GuruGanesha Band

* 3. Please let us know about your Solstice attendance.

  True False
I always attend both Winter and Summer Solstices.
I only attend Winter Solstice.
I sometimes attend both Winter and Summer Solstices.
This is my first time attending a Solstice.

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* 13. Did You attend the IKYTA Teacher Enhancement Conference?

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* 18. What is 3HO to you?

* 19. Do you feel as if you're a part of the 3HO Global Community? / ¿Sientes que eres parte de la comunidad global de 3HO?

* 20. Comments about Classes, Workshops, and Teachers

* 21. Comments about White Tantric Yoga®

* 22. Comments about Childrens' Camp

* 23. Was the Orientation Video helpful for you?

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Online Registration
Online Customer Service
Phone Customer Service
On-site Registration
On-site Customer Service

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