S Corporation Association Survey

Thank you for your interest in the S Corporation Association! We appreciate your support and for taking the time to complete our survey. It'll only take a minute and will help us to better understand the S corporation community that we're working to protect.

* 1. How did you hear about the S Corporation Association?

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* 4. What are your firm's annual revenues?

* 5. In order of importance, please select the federal public policy issues you care about most:

* 6. We don't do health care policy, but increasingly our members are worried about some of Obamacare's provisions and its impact on their business. With that in mind, has your business been or will be affected by the Affordable Care Act?

* 7. If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please indicate which provisions have affected or will affect your business:

* 8. Would you like us to call you in the next week to learn more about your business and to discuss our efforts in Washington to defend S corporations and other private businesses, as well as potential membership in the S Corporation Association?

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