About this survey

How can conservation science be of greater benefit to conservation practice?

This question was posed 5 years ago at the ICCROM Forum on Conservation Science in October 2013. The Forum brought together diverse heritage professionals from all world regions, to debate the role of science based research within heritage conservation, and give strategic recommendations for progress.
In its recommendations, the Forum called for:

1.     A shared vision and mission clarifying the purpose and role of conservation science
2.     Better strategic planning
3.     Better assessment of priority needs
4.     Better assessment of research impact
5.     More active engagement of heritage practitioners within research
6.     Better open access communication of research findings
7.     Mechanisms for sharing resources and expertise between institutions
8.     More engagement with the public

Further information about the Forum findings are available here

Five years on,  ICCROM is launching this survey to ask if progress has been made with regard to these recommendations, and what are the priority challenges today?
We would like to hear from all who work in the field of heritage conservation and science. 

Regardless if you participated in the Forum or not, we want to know how well you think conservation science research serves to benefit heritage conservation, and your work in particular.

PLEASE NOTE: The survey comprises a maximum of 10 questions and should take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Your feedback is important.  Thank you for participating in our survey!