* 1. The Kensington Association is considering moving the venue of our monthly meetings from the Holy Rosary school hall to the Kensington Town Hall.

As the Kensington Association is a community organisation it would be appropriate to use the town hall which was expensively restored as a resource for our community to use. This would involve no additional expense.
Should we change venues? Is the town hall less central for you? It has a disadvantage that there are no staff at night so that late comers will need to ring a nominated phone number (displayed on the door on meeting nights)  to gain entry as the front door is kept locked. It has the advantage of a quiet meeting room, accessible by lift, and a range of options for larger gatherings.

* 2. Please indicate your preference for the meeting venue below:

* 3. Have you been to an Association meeting or event in the last two years?

* 4. Would you be more or less likely to attend meetings or functions at the Kensington Town Hall compared to the current venue at Holy Rosary?

thank you for your support