32nd Annual Together for Children Conference
April 9-11, 2019
Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva

Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin is seeking proposals for conference workshop sessions at the 32nd annual Together for Children Conference - the Greg and Mary Ann Renz Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.  The conference will be held Wednesday, April 10, and Thursday, April 11, 2019, at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva. 
The conference is geared toward professionals, whose work involves some aspect of child abuse and neglect: including prevention, intervention, treatment, investigation and prosecution.  Together for Children puts an emphasis on intermediate and advanced content level workshops or emerging issues/topics.
Workshops should address hot topic issues and evidenced based practices and programs.  Presentations might include topics such as: prevention strategies, innovative intervention and treatment strategies, best practice and research initiatives, current legal issues in the area of child maltreatment, or other cutting edge topics.
Session Format and Length:
Sessions are either 90 minutes or 3 hours in length.  We encourage presenters to help conference participants apply ideas to the work they are doing in the field.  Presenters should use a variety of presentation formats including lecture with questions and answers, case studies, exercises, panel discussion (with no more than 3 panelists) or demonstration.  We request that all presenters plan a minimum of 10 minutes of discussion time at the end of their session to allow participants to ask questions and help participants apply the new knowledge to their work.
Up to TWO presenters will be able to attend the two-day conference (April 10 & 11) at no cost. Mileage, for the day of the presentation,  will be covered at the current state rate. 
Room Set Up:
The workshop rooms will be set up to accommodate participants in classroom style.  Microphones will be available if the room size and/or number of participants warrant the need for one.  Proposals submitted must accommodate a minimum of 30 people.
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT:  August 24, 2018
Proposals will be selected by September 21, 2018

* 1. Workshop Title:

* 2. What is the problem in practice or improvement to be addressed by this workshop?

* 3. Workshop Description:  (this description will be used by the committee to evaluate if your proposed workshop fits our needs and conference goals.  It should include a detailed description of the information to be presented, a STATEMENT ABOUT FORMAT (lecture, case studies, videos, hands-on activities, group discussion, etc.) and other information you feel may be useful in evaluating your proposal.)

* 4. Learning Objectives:  (please include 1-2 learning objectives that state what participants will be aware of, knowledgeable about, or be able to use after attending your session.)

* 5. Workshop Abstract:  (This shorter version of your session description will be used in the registration information.  This is your marketing piece and should be worded in a way that generates interest in attending your session.  It should closely match what participants can expect from your presentation.  Please be concise with your description.)

* 6. Describe how you will help participants integrate the information presented in the workshop into their daily practice.

* 7. Length of Workshop Session:

* 8. Workshop's Content Level:

* 9. Workshop's content will be beneficial for the following professional groups:  (check all that apply)

* 10. Days/times available to present workshop:  (check all that apply)


* 11. Name:

* 12. Degrees, Credentials (BA, MS, MSW, PhD, etc.):

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* 17. City/State/Zip;

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CO-PRESENTER (if applicable)

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