Introduction & Instructions

Thank you for participating in the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey which highlights the attributes shared by leading North American finishing operations.  This survey pertains to plating and anodizing, in particular.  There is a separate survey for shops that perform liquid and powder coating. Please proceed only if your shop does plating and/or anodizing.
For the first time this year, in return for your participation, you will receive a custom report that ranks your responses relative to all shops and Top Shops.  The format makes it easy to quickly see where your shop is strong, on track, and has opportunities for improvement.  Submit your responses to this survey and get your own data-based, custom report to add to your business planning toolkit.    

We are also happy to recognize in Products Finishing those shops designated as Top Shops.  We will supply artwork and promotional material to let your customers, employees and industry peers know your finishing shop operation is one of the premier facilities in North America. Several shops will also be profiled in an upcoming issue of Products Finishing.

The survey covers four areas of shop operations:
  • Finishing Technology
  • Finishing Practices
  • Business Strategies 
  • Training and Human Resources
Rest assured that our survey and analysis experts have designed the scoring matrix to enable any shop, regardless of size, location, diversification, etc., to qualify as a Top Shop
All you need to do is complete the survey.  As you do so, please respond thinking of your particular shop only if your company has more than one facility/location.  Remember to answer each question as only consistent responders will receive the report.  All responses are confidential to the staff of Products Finishing and will not be shared by any outside agency or organization.

This survey must be completed by December 31, 2017. If you have questions, please contact Tim Pennington, Editor, Products Finishing, at

If you want to keep a record of your responses, we suggest you print a copy of each page with your responses before selecting 'next' to advance to the next page/question.

Click here if you'd like to download a pdf of the survey to review. You can revisit this site to enter your answers or return a completed survey pdf print out to us via mail or fax (instructions on how to do so are found at the end of the survey). 

* 1. Does your shop currently perform plating and/or anodizing on your premises?  (Select ONE only)