A Residential Community in 7-Mile

A proposed residential community development is underway in 7 Mile, and is influenced by a growing trend of communities found in various regions of the world. 

The proposed site for this first-of-its-kind residential project is adjacent to Airways Hotel & Residences, and is set to command spectacular views of Sogeri and Bootless Bay. The project will be accessible via Magi Highway or Jacksons Parade.

The proposed community will feature four bedroom, two bathroom high-set houses with efficient balconies and downstairs laundry, and a complimentary garden. 

If you are considering a high-end house in a residential community, we would love to know what your expectations are. Please help us help you by taking part in our survey and let’s all work together for a better, peaceful community living.

What’s more, one lucky participant will win a night for two at Loloata Island Resort!