Tell us a sustainability story that should be shared.. .

Friends of Green Umbrella:

As mentioned at the last community-wide Green Umbrella event, we are composing a list of the “Top 100 Ways Greater Cincinnati is Greener Than You Think”. The GU will provide this list to regional Chambers of Commerce, elected officials, tourism boards, news/ media outlets and anyone interested in learning about our outstanding region.

We need you to ensure that we indeed have the top 100 regional, national, and world leading projects/ programs and initiatives.

What green achievements should be included?

-Thank you for your time, we really appreciate your input!


* 1. What is the name of project/ program/ initiative? (Please fill out a form for each project/ initiative)

* 2. Who owns the rights to the project/ program/ initiative? What is their contact information ( including name, email, phone, website)?

* 3. Why is this a Top 100 Green Approach?

* 4. How does this benchmark against the national competition?

* 5. Is this groundbreaking or innovative without competition?

* 6. Thanks for sharing - If you wouldn't mind being contacted for more information about this project, please complete this section: