* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. What is your email address and phone number?

* 3. What is your preferred method of contact?

* 4. Have you attended a CITT Rendez-Vous Conference in the past?

* 5. Did you know that the 2013 CITT Rendez-Vous conference will be held in Calgary?

* 6. Do you plan to attend Rendez-Vous 2013?

* 7. If you're in a position that would allow you to send additional staff members to Rendez-Vous, will you?

* 8. What programming would you want Rendez-Vous 2013 to offer in order to secure your interest and attendance?

* 9. What kind of workshops or training would be useful for your or your staff at Rendez-Vous 2013?

* 10. A 2013 Calgary Rendez-Vous committee is being formed by the Alberta Section. We need your help! Would you consider joining the committee and helping to plan and present this upcoming CITT conference?

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