The Regional Tech Hub (RTH) is a federally funded, Australian Government initiative. Our core purpose is to help anyone living, working, or studying in rural, regional, and remote Australia navigate the often confusing, and rapidly changing internet and phone connectivity landscape. This is achieved by providing free and independent services, support, and community outreach to everyone in regional and rural Australia.

The RTH is coming to your community to present an Information and Connectivity Literacy Workshop. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of who we are, our services, how we can assist you and your business, and go over the fundamentals of Connectivity Literacy. We want to tailor this workshop to your area and for it to be as engaging as possible. This questionnaire will help us gain your insights and guide the direction of our workshop.

Please only fill out these details if you would like to receive information about the issues and topics you highlight in this questionnaire. Your details will be kept confidential.

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