1. A Vision for Allowable Land Uses on Le'eyqsun Island

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Lyackson First Nation is developing a Land Use Plan for Le'eyqsun Island (Valdes). The plan will identify "Land Use Designations" that describe the type of activities allowed and where they are allowed, on the Island. This will help direct future decision making and planning by Chief and Council and staff for Le'eyqsun Island.

Input from Lyackson members is needed to ensure that the decisions made now and in the future that affect Le'eyqsun Island reflect the desires of the community.

A list of Possible Land Designations for Le'eyqsun Island has been provided to members through the web site, Facebook, email and by mail. You will need to refer to this list of 10 Possible Land Designations while answering the survey below.

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All information provided will remain confidential and used only for the purposes in the completion of the Land Use Plan.

* 1. NAME

* 2. The list of Possible Land Designations is provided below. Rank each Land Designation in priority from 1 - 10. Refer to the list provided for descriptions of each Land Designation, if needed.

* 3. Are there any Possible Land Designations you would like removed from the list? If yes, select the box for any you would like removed.

* 4. Are there any designated uses that are not on the list proved that you would like to add?

* 5. Protected Lands are areas of spiritual or sacred sites. Lands have been identified for exclusive use to members, to be used with care.
Do you agree with reserving Protected Lands for Lyackson member use only?

* 6. Are there any other areas or designation types (from the list provided) that you think should be exclusive use to members only?

* 7. Lyackson Lands and Resources has been given a mandate to acquire the whole Island back over time using whatever means becomes available, through negotiation or buying land from willing sellers.
Do you support a mandate to acquire the whole Island over time as opportunities permit?

* 8. At this time there is no easy access and very little infrastructure on the Island. Lyackson has blocked any such development in an effort to keep land values down while they are trying to acquire lands currently held by government and private landowners, and to discourage more private development. This policy would change once Le'eyqsun was under the ownership of the Lyackson community.

Do you agree that development of infrastructure (e.g. roads, water, dock) on the Island should continue to be blocked until Lyackson owns the Island again?

* 9. Would you like to see any infrastructure (e.g.  roads, dock, water) development?

* 10. BC Parks created Wakes Cove Provincial Park at the north end of the Island with little consultation with Lyackson First Nation. Lyackson is currently working to acquire these lands.
Would you support Lyackson managing this land as a Le'eyqsun Nation Park, with funding from BC?

* 11. Indian Reserve #3 (forested lands) and lands owned by Island Timberlands have been heavily logged three times. Island Timberlands is interested in changing their land use to development for housing and recreational properties for a new community. Lyackson has discouraged this to date by saying that they will not support a change from the current forestry zoning for this land. This will prevent Island Timberlands from selling their lands for development.
Do you wish to prevent Island Timberlands from developing their lands for purposes other than forestry?

* 12. Alternatively, would you support Lyackson working with island Timberlands to develop a joint plan to develop the land in a way that is acceptable to Lyackson?

* 13. There are currently cottage lots on the southeast side of the Island. Island Timberlands also has cottage lots for sale, Island Timberlands lots are over mourning and bathing sites. The intention at this time is for Lyackson to eventually acquire these lots through a "right of first refusal" on a willing seller, willing buyer basis, or through other processes.
Do you want Lyackson to acquire these cottage lots if they become for sale?

* 14. Would you support cottage lots remaining on the Island for use by Lyackson for housing or economic development?

* 15. If you support having cottage lots, would you still see them occupying the foreshore (water front)?

* 16. Would you prefer cottage lots or cottage nodes (located in groups) with water front access?

* 17. The Island is being used by boaters, kayakers, canoeists, etc. today, to such an extent the BC Marine Trail Network is interested in having two campsites on each side of Le'eyqsun Island. There are archaeological sites at Wakes Cove, so to avoid this area a yurt campground has been established by Lyaackson on the northeast side of the Island. A second site can be established on the sourth east side of the Island on one of the remaining Crown lots. Camp fees could be collected using a voluntary box as is used successfully on remote campsites in federal parks. 
As there is no one living and no staff regularly on the Island, it is very difficult to stop the use of the Island by others, so we are thinking about charging for camping and identifying the appropriate places for campsites.
Do you support the idea of Lyackson developing paid campsites on the Island?

* 18. Do you support development of a second campsite on Crown land in the southeast side of the Island?

* 19. On the west side, a development on Indian Reserve #4 in Peal Bay is proposed that includes a campground, just south of Shingle Point. This area is used frequently by kayakers now.
Do you support the development of a campground at Peal Bay?

* 20. On the northwest side of the Island, Hole in the Wall is a place frequented by kayakers and campers. At this time Lyackson does not manage the use in the area.
Do you support managing camping use at Hole in the Wall?