Spring Jam Auditions

Before filling out the information below we ask that you reserve a spot for the Spring Jam Audition by first copying and pasting the following link below into your web browser and filling out the doodle.


Remember the time you reserve because you will be asked in the form which time you reserved.

We ask that you be ready to audition 5 minutes before your audition spot so that while the band before you is tearing down, you can be setting up.

Also, only one person from your band needs to fill out the doodle and fill out this form.

Thank you

* 1. What's your name? (not the band name, that question will come later)

* 2. Email Address

* 3. Phone Number

* 4. Band Name (if you don't have a band name then leave this question blank)

* 5. Please list all of the instruments (include voice as an instrument) you will use in your band. If you have multiple of the same instrument please list those as well (be as specific as possible in order to help the campus sound crew to your needs).

* 6. By checking the box below you understand and agree to the following:
• Song choice acceptance for Spring Jam is up to the discretion of those administering the Auditions. If there is any dispute over song choice ASWWU Sponsor Don Hepker will be the deciding authority over the matter.
• All lyrics must be brought to the audition before your band auditions.
• You or any members of your band will not participate in any alcoholic consumption or viewing before the audition or Spring Jam.
• You or any members of your band must get costumes pre-approved before Spring Jam (if you're wearing normal clothes you don't need them pre-approved).
• You or any members of your band will use only the "sound equipment" that is presented at Spring Jam unless it is pre-approved (i.e. you will not bring your own sub woofers).