* 1. How many times did you fly in past 12 months in India?

* 2. Most of your travel in India was for:

* 3. What is the average time you spend at the airport after security-check on a domestic trip?

* 4. Do you shop / eat / drink at airports in India after security-check?

  Most of the times Sometimes Rarely / Never
Eat / drink

* 5. Whenever you shop / eat at Indian airports, how much do you spend on an average (in Rs.)?

  < 200 200 – 500 500 – 1000 1000 – 2000 2000 – 5000 5000+ NA
Eat / drink

* 6. What do you buy at Indian airports?

  Most often Often Sometimes Rarely / Never
Tea / coffee
Alcohol / Cigarettes
Books & magazines
Accessories / perfumes / cosmetics
Services (e.g. Spa)

* 7. I’ll shop or eat / drink more frequently at Indian airports if:

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
I get discounts
I get to know about all the shopping and F&B options
There are more shopping and F&B options
I have time
Food (e.g. pizza, sandwich) is delivered to me

* 8. Please rate following concerns regarding air travel:

  High concern Medium concern Low concern Not a concern
I don’t get real time information on delays before I leave for the airport
Information on schedule, terminal, conveyer belt etc. is not readily available at airports
High F&B and merchandise prices at airports compared to outside
Getting taxi at arrival is cumbersome (e.g. long queue at taxi counter)

* 9. What is your gender?

* 10. What is your household annual income (in case you are taking a break from job for study etc., please answer based on your last drawn salary)?

* 11. Do you use a smartphone?