Carshare PEI

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this short survey. Carshare PEI's goal is to determine if there is enough interest in Charlottetown and surrounding areas to start a carsharing service and how we can best shape that service to suit your needs. Your feedback is extremely valuable and we thank you in advance for completing this survey.

How the system would work:

Carshare PEI will offer its members exclusive access to a fleet of quality, reliable vehicle . By becoming a member, you'll be able to access a car at low cost for any length of time you need it. The cars will be available without delay, 24/7 at a pick-up point close to your home (within 8 to 10 minutes walk!).

CarShare PEI will cover all the costs related to the normal operation of a vehicle including registration, insurance, repairs and maintenance, and even gas! No more surprise repair bills, no more visits to the gas station! CarShare PEI will take care of everything.


• Yearly fee for standard membership: $39
• Initial membership bond, reimbursable when you leave Carshare PEI: $500
• Initial, one-time set up fee: $35
• Standard usage: Hourly rate $2.75/hour + Km rate: $0.36 ($0.29 after 100 km)

Statistics show that the average car owner spends about $40 per DAY on car-related costs. Carsharing offers a great alternative to ownership or to buying that second car for your family.

* 1. How often do you use the following modes of transportation in your daily activities?

  Regularly/Daily Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Public Transit

* 2. How many cars does your household currently have?

* 3. After reading the description of how Carshare PEI would work, how likely would you be to become a Carshare PEI member (i.e. use the carshare service)?

* 4. Assuming you became a Carshare PEI member, how often would you use the service?

* 5. Assuming that you became a Carshare PEI member, how long would you typically take a car out for (per use)?

* 6. Which option best describes your current living arrangement?

* 7. Please indicate your age range

* 8. Please indicate the closest street intersection to your home. For example: Prince and Fitzroy. (This will help us figure out where to park cars for easy access)

* 9. Enter your email if you're interested in getting more information about Carshare PEI or want to join (we promise not to spam you or give your email address to anyone).

* 10. If you have any further comments, please provide them here.