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YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and girls and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of YWCA Glendale. Serving on the Board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Completing this application form will help you to better understand the skills and commitment associated with this leadership position.
You may find it helpful to read through the entire application and board member agreement before completing it. If you have any questions, please contact:
Tara Peterson | Executive Director T: 818.242.4155 ext. 222 E:
Applications are used by the YWCA Glendale Board Governance Committee to identify and evaluate potential Board members. The committee interviews candidates and makes recommendations regarding new Directors. Nominated candidates will be presented to the YWCA Glendale Voting Members at the annual meeting, typically held in July.
Application review & interview process: August – May

Recommendations made by Board Governance Committee: May

Annual Election: June

Vacant Positions: In the case that a Board position becomes vacant between annual elections, the Board Governance Committee may nominate a potential candidate to fill the vacant position, in which case the new member is elected by majority vote of current Board members. The Director fills the remainder of the vacant term and is then eligible for nomination and election for three succeeding two year terms.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed annually or when a Board vacancy occurs. In the meantime, please consider getting involved by joining one of YWCA Glendale's several committees or becoming a volunteer.
Thank you for your commitment to our community!
Nominating Procedures and Expectations

Thank you very kindly for your interest in serving as or nominating a potential candidate to the YWCA GLENDALE Board of Directors, the Governing body with the important responsibilities of governance, strategy and programming for the YWCA in accordance with the organizational Bylaws. Please also review Attachment A, which outlines the Qualifications and Responsibilities for prospective Board members.

The YWCA GLENDALE Board will consist of no fewer than five (5) and no more than nineteen (19) persons, as fixed by action of the Board.
The YWCA GLENDALE’s goal is to have Board leadership that assures equitable representation of women, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and handicapping condition.
Board members must also be independent of conflict of interest, believe in and support the mission of the YWCA and possess skills, talents, and resources to govern effectively and to further the YWCA mission and vision locally and nationally.


The Board Governance Committee is responsible for identifying, recruiting, nominating, orienting, evaluating and supporting new Board members. The Governance committee is also
responsible for the board nominating and elections process.
1. The Governance Committee has prepared a nomination form for use in the Board Member Nomination process

2. Self-nominations will be accepted.

3. The Nominating Committee will review all nominations submitted, schedule interviews as appropriate and prepare a slate of recommended Board candidates for approval by the full Board.

4. The Governance committee will assure that the Board of Directors is diverse.

5. A candidate shall be elected to the Board if the candidate receives an affirmative vote of a majority of the directors in office.

6. All nominees will be informed of their status upon completion of the process.

YWCA Glendale Board member call for nominations/applications is open from March 1st until May 6th. All nominees/applications must complete board member application and submit resume and biography by close of business on May 6th.
  • The Governance committee will evaluate and select candidates to move forward in the nominations process as applications are processed. 
  • Candidates selected to move forward will be contacted by the Governance Chair. All candidates who wish to move forward will be invited to a tour and must complete background clearance and conflict of interest form to be considered for the final slate. The final slate will be present to the board at its May meeting. 
  • Final candidates will be invited to attend the June board meeting, which will include an election by secret ballot. 

Serving on the YWCA GLENDALE Board is an extraordinary opportunity for strategic and future focused leaders who are passionate about the YWCA GLENDALE’s mission and vision. The primary role of the YWCA GLENDALE Board is to provide mission-based visionary leadership and strategic governance to enhance the services and support provided to the Glendale community. 

YWCA GLENDALE Board Members will serve no more than four (4) consecutive two (2) year terms and may be eligible for reappointment for after the lapse of one (1) year. Board meetings will be held monthly and committee meetings may be held in coordination with board meetings and/or by conference call.

YWCA GLENDALE'S Board Members 
  • Help shape the direction of the YWCA GLENDALE through its mission, strategy and key policies.
  • Serve as a trusted adviser to the Executive Director in the development and implementation of the YWCA GLENDALE’s strategic plan.
  • Ensure the organizational leadership, resources and finances are commensurate to help the YWCA GLENDALE achieve and sustain positive outcomes.
  • Review outcomes and metrics created by YWCA GLENDALE and regularly measure organizational performance, impact and effectiveness using those metrics.
  • Approve YWCA GLENDALE’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions.
  • Be informed, participatory, act in good faith, and meet all legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Contribute to an annual performance evaluation of the Executive Director. Assist the Executive Director and Board.
  • Assist the Executive Director and Board Chair in identifying and recruiting YWCA GLENDALE board members of influence and affluence.
  • Serve on committees or task forces and take on special assignments to enhance the organization’s efforts. Represent YWCA GLENDALE to stakeholders and serve as an Ambassador for the organization.
  • Ensure YWCA GLENDALE’s commitment to a diverse board and staff.
  • Consider YWCA a philanthropic priority and make an annual gift (give or get) of $1,000.00 annually or more to reflect that priority.
  • Commit to a total of 12 volunteer hours per year outside of Board and/or Committee meetings.
  • Attend a minimum of 75% of Board and Committee Meetings Reviewing consent agenda reports prior to meeting Participa
  • Strong knowledge and support of the YWCA’s mission, vision and strategic direction.
  • Extensive professional experience with significant executive leadership accomplishments in business, government, philanthropy or the non-profit sector combined with willingness to access personal and professional networks on behalf of the YWCA.
  • Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the lives of others.

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* 1. I have read and acknowledge nominating procedures and board member expectations. 

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* 2. Address

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* 3. Describe your community affiliation with the YWCA of Glendale (Check all that apply)

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* 4. YWCA Affiliation Name

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* 5. Dates of Service 

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* 6. Self-Nomination

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* 7. Nomination Information

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* 8. Who Referred You To The Board of Directors? 

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* 9. Mission Commitment. Describe your personal commitment to the mission of the YWCA.

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* 10. Summarize your experience with and/or interest in our organization and any relevant experience. 

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* 11. Please outline any previous experience as a volunteer board or committee member. 

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* 12. What skills and knowledge are you willing to bring to our board? Please indicate your experience in the following areas *

  No Experience Little Experience Experienced Very Experienced
Financial Management & Control (budgeting, accounting)
Board Development (recruitment, training, evaluation) 
Domestic Violence Programming 
Program Planning and Evaluation 
Personnel & Human Resources
Leadership & Organizational Development
Communication, Public and Media Relations;
Law/Legal Services; Contracts & Negotiation
Information Technology; Systems
Event Coordination
Community Networking
Risk Assessment 
Investment & Wealth Management

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* 13. All board members are asked to make an annual commitment of 12 volunteer hours, in what initiatives and events would you be interested in participating? (Check All That Apply)

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* 14. All Board members asked to a minimum $1,000.00 per year give/get requirement. In what ways would you accomplish meeting and exceeding this goal?

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* 15. What other requirements would you like to be considered when evaluating your prospective participation and impact?

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* 16. Additional feedback.

Nominee Nomination Acceptance.

I accept this nomination to the YWCA Glendale Board of Directors and I have read and agree to the Board Member Responsibilities.

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