1. Customer Service Survey

* 1. How would you best describe the information provided on our Customer Service Page?

* 2. How would you best describe your experience with contacting our Customer Service Department?

* 3. When contacting our Customer Support via the contact form, how quickly did you receive a response?

* 4. When signing up for a membership did you receive your confirmation email with your password information?

* 5. How would you best describe your experience with the billing processor?(Please list the name of the processor you used when signing up for our sites under the comments section)

* 6. Were your questions resolved by the FAQ's on the Customer Support Page?

* 7. What information would you find helpful that is not included in our Customer Support Page?

* 8. If we included screenshots on our Customer Support Page, would you find that helpful?

* 9. Tell us what your customer service experience was like with our adult site competitors?

* 10. Please feel free to leave any feedback regarding improving our Customer Service.