Parental psychosocial distress- Welcome

June 28th, 2018
Dear Participant,
1% to 2% of children in the United States are affected by food allergies and intolerances (Sicherer, 2011). Parents of children with food allergies or intolerances report an array of symptoms including stress, anxiety, depression, and fear regarding the unpredictability of their child’s condition (Herbert, Shemesh, & Bender, 2016). Parents are rarely assessed for stress and anxiety in the first year following the birth of a child. Furthermore, healthcare providers may not be familiar with what resources parents need following the diagnosis of a child with a food allergy or intolerance (Herbert et al., 2013).
This study attempts to identify how parents are assessed for parental distress after a diagnosis of food allergy or intolerance and what support resources they prefer and find most helpful.
I am asking you to participate in a 33 question survey. If you decide to participate, please complete the survey below. The survey is completely anonymous and should take less than 20 minutes to complete. No IP address or computer information will be collected. No personally identifying information will be collected. Please do not include any personal identifying information in your survey responses. Should you wish to discontinue the survey, you can do so at any time.
Please be aware that no medical treatment is offered based on your responses to the questions included. Should you need mental health support, please call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration hotline at 1-800-662-4357.
Responses to these questions will be collected and analyzed in order to assess parental distress and resource needs for parents with food allergic and intolerant infants. By participating and completing this survey, you are implying consent.    
This research is part of my capstone project in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Old Dominion University. Your input is the first step to describing the needs of parents in relation to the experience of raising a child with a food allergy or intolerance in the first year of life.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at 954-600-5137 or, Dr. Rebecca Poston (Responsible Principal Investigator) at 757-683-5248 or, or Dr. Tancy Vandecar-Burdin, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Chair at Old Dominion University to review this matter with you at 757-683-3802 or  You may also contact the Office of Research at 757-683-3460.
Thank you for your time,
Tal Raizer (Investigator)
DNP Student, Old Dominion University
Rebecca Poston, PhD, RN, CPNP (Responsible Project Investigator)
Old Dominion University School of Nursing