Your input needed on developing guidance for the management of wildlife disease in wetlands

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At its most recent Conference of Parties in Korea, the Ramsar Convention on wetlands called on its Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP):

“to consider how best to develop practical guidance on the prevention and control of other diseases of either domestic or wild animals in wetlands, especially those diseases that have implications for human health, and how such guidance can be best incorporated into management plans at Ramsar sites and other wetlands;” (see paragraph 21 -

It seems likely that two types of guidance will be drafted to provide this information:

• generic text on principles of disease prevention and control for wetland managers; and
• a series of information sheets on specific diseases of wetland wildlife and livestock especially those that impact humans.

Our aim is to develop products that are targeted at non-disease specialists and especially wetland managers that provide guidance on key issues (for example best practice responses in the event of disease outbreaks), and pointers to further sources of information and help. We hope that these materials will be translated in French and Spanish also.

We would welcome assistance with this task, and would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to provide us with some simple feedback which will help us.

We would be especially grateful if you could forward this request to colleagues or others who you feel might be able to contribute.

If you would like to further assist with the development of this Ramsar guidance, for example by commenting on draft texts later in the year or providing case studies, the final page below gives an opportunity to provide us with your contact details.

Thank you for your time!

Ruth Cromie, Rebecca Lee & David Stroud, for Ramsar’s STRP