• This application is ONLY for senior members to express interest in staffing the 2017 WIWG Summer Encampment.
  • Seniors will need to complete a full, online application using the Wing's online registration system, at a future date.
  • All applicants are asked to apply by 31 JAN 2017.
  • Positions will be filled on an on-going basis. Encampment will be held 12-19 August 2017.
  • Staff report on 11 August.
  • Arrangements are possible for seniors who wish to staff encampment, but cannot necessarily stay the entire week.
  • Position descriptions are available on the encampment website 

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. CAPID

* 5. Unit Information:

* 6. Please indicate the position(s) you are interested in:

* 8. Please list your three most recent encampment staff positions (if less than three, then list as many as you have had and if none then please enter none in the first line):

* 9. Contact Information

* 10. Dates you are able to be at encampment

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