Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this brief survey.  Your input will provide the planning committee with direction on how to improve the inititative. 

1. Participation in the Challenge enabled me to

2. Because of the Challenge, I am making healthier choices in food and activity levels.

3. I'm looking forward to participating in the Challenge again next year.

4. I felt the Challenge was (check all that apply)

5. I participated in the Challenge because

6. I followed the public GHWLC Facebook page during the Challenge (Facebook/GHWLC).

7. I joined the private 2018 GHWLC Participant Facebook Page.

8. As a team captain, I supported my team by (check all that apply):

9. I am interested in volunteering for the 2019 Challenge in the following area(s):

10. I am interested in information on the following health topics

11. If you answered "Yes" to question 8 or requested information in question 9, please provide your name and contact information.

12. Please provide any additional comments you'd like to share regarding the Challenge