* 1. Where do you and your family most often spend money? This may be your hometown, the city where you work, the nearby largest city, or where you do most of your shopping.

* 2. Who lives in your household? Please include yourself. (Check all that apply.)

* 3. Which databases do you use most often and don't want to see go? If you'd like, you may add comments, suggestions, or ideas below each feature.

  Didn't Know About It Knew About It, But Never Use Like It, Use Sometimes Love It, Use Often Love It, DO NOT Want to See Go!
Birthday Freebies & Deals
Freebie Database (Under Construction)
Frugal Calendar/Local Events
Grocery Coupon & Rebates
Kids Eat Free in Indiana & Nationwide
Online Shopping Coupon Codes
Restaurant Coupons
Reward Programs & Loyalty Freebies
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* 5. What features/deals would you like to see added to In Good Cents? Please use the comment area to make comments, share ideas on the feature, and give suggestions (e.g. would love photos/reviews or would prefer all of Indiana or the Midwest).

  Already available on other websites. Don't need another. New idea, but wouldn never use. New idea. Might use sometimes. Love this idea. Would use often! Best idea. Must add feature!
A database of exclusive printable coupons for local Indianapolis businesses.
A database of Kids Go Free that includes places kids get free admission in Indiana.
A database of local Indianapolis coupons for entertainment (e.g. The Children's Museum, Conner Prairie, etc...).
A database of things to do in Indianapolis sorted by price (e.g. free, under $10, under $20, etc...).
Local Indianapolis coupons/deals for family-owned & local stores.
Local Indianapolis coupons/deals for services (e.g. oil change, air conditioner repair, etc...).
More adult-only events on The Frugal Calendar (e.g. wine tastings, etc...).
More local Indianapolis restaurants & coupons in the Restaurant Coupon Database.

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