Find out if your church is eligible for the Five Leaf Eco-Awards Basic Certificate...

* 1. Has your church conducted a casual walk through energy audit of the church building?

* 2. What three actions has your church taken to reduce your energy or resource use? For example: printing pew sheets on both sides or switching to online newsletters, installing solar panels or a water tank.

* 3. What two behaviour change campaigns has your church run to encourage your congregation to be more environmentally friendly at church?
For example: installing signs to remind people to turn off the lights and heaters in the church, providing a compost bin for teabags and organic waste from services.

* 4. Have you held an environment themed worship service this year?

* 5. What two resources have you provided to help the members of your congregation to be more environmentally friendly at home?

* 6. Name an environment themed event you have held that the wider community attended:

* 7. Describe the special project your congregation has completed that demonstrates your commitment to environmental action...

* 8. Are there any other environmental actions your church has undertaken that you have not mentioned yet?

* 9. Please provide your contact details so we can send you the results of your survey!  :)

* 10. For those who are part of the Uniting Church in Australia in NSW or the ACT:
I would like to sign up for the Uniting Earthweb newsletter (emailed monthly) to stay up to date with faith and environment events in NSW/ACT: