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The Modern Drawbridge Survey is intended to help you better understand the complexities of sex trafficking in the U.S. and how communities can intervene and potentially disrupt the exploitation cycle. The concept is grounded in previous research by William J. Ryan and Judith H. Katz. Guardian Group has been presenting this dilemma to groups across the country for the past year.

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We can all do better to protect our vulnerable.

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* Susie came from a small town in Oregon where her widowed father owned a car dealership. He raised her very strictly, and it was only with great reluctance that he allowed her to go to University of Oregon for college. He feared that the big city would corrupt her morals. As she boarded the bus, he warned her, "if I ever find out that you've been fooling around with boys or using alcohol or drugs, I'll cut you off from all financial support, you will not see your sister, and you'll never stay in my home again."

Susie had always obeyed her father and intended to do so while at college. She did stay away from drugs and alcohol, until she began dating Romeo, an older guy that lived in Portland. He showered her with praise and gifts and really made her feel special. After a few weeks they were sleeping together. One night Romeo took her to a party in Portland where she met a bunch of his friends. They partied, and she eventually passed out. The next morning, she felt terrible and it got worse when Romeo told her about some of the things she did that night. He showed her pictures of her and a few of the other boys doing things she never dreamed of doing. Romeo told her that she needed to do more of that- for money- or he would show the pictures to her friends at school and most importantly her father. Susie was devastated. Romeo demanded $1000 a week from her or he would hurt her sister.

Susie talked to a Campus Security Cop that she trusted, and he put her in touch with the Police. She told them her story, but there was little that they could do.

She didn't feel like she could tell any of her friends, so she hid the whole ordeal from them. in desperation Susie approached her guidance counselor at school fro help, but the counselor did not want to get involved.

Susie returned to Romeo and he arranged for her to meet men every weekend in Portland. This went on for a few months and Susie began to cope by staying high. She missed classes and her grades slipped dramatically. Her guidance counselor warned her that she was in danger of failing out of school.

Christmas vacation came, and she returned home as if nothing happened. But the guilt and shame were wrecking her. Romeo only allowed her a week at home and then she needed to work extra in Portland before returning to school.

On New Year's Eve, Susie disappeared. She was last seen going into a hotel room with a man that was a regular.

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