1. Instructions

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25% of survey complete.

The California Space Authority (CSA) is committed to bringing the perspective and priorities of
the space enterprise community to Federal, State, and local policymakers. As a basis for
beginning, we have used recommendations from the California Space
Enterprise Strategic Plan 2007-10. We ask that you review these action items and prioritize them
by pointing out those in need of the most immediate attention. There is also a location for you to
add any additional ideas that may not have come to the surface through the planning process.

Goal: Educate the general public and California policymakers--local, state, and federal--
about the benefits, scope, and needs of California space enterprise.

Indicate your opinion as to priority by marking High, Medium, or Low for each item.

Point of Contact:
Eric Daniels
Phone: 916-551-1543
FAX: 916-551-1579