* 1. Did you present at a panel or read at an event?

* 2. If you didn't present, how do you feel about that?

* 3. How much money did you spend during the conference?

* 4. Of the sacksful of loot you gathered at the bookfair, what remains after flight-winnowing, return-home remorse, and week-later clutter rage?

* 5. What was your favorite star moment? (Drinks with Seamus Heaney, front row for Derek Walcott's reading, seeing that one Jonathan being pulled in to the building by another Jonathan and the weird looks on their faces, etc.)

* 6. Did you sleep with someone not your spouse, partner, or significant other?

* 7. Be honest: In which one activity did you invest the most time?

* 8. How much did you drink over 5 days (or your time at conference)?

* 9. How much did you eat, what with eating out, larger portions, richer food, etc.

* 10. What is it you'd like everyone to know about the AWP conference?

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