In the 2011 Sturbridge Masterplan the Town decided that one of its goals should be the creation of a creative space for residents and local entrepreneurs. This goal has led Town Staff to consider the creation of a “makerspace” here in Sturbridge.

A makerspace is a facility that makes various creative tools available to the general public for free. The tools that are found in makerspaces vary, but generally you could expect to see some of the following items:
  • Mechanical, electrical and woodworking tools
  • Computers with digital and office software
  • 3D Printers
  • Work benches
These spaces allow local residents who might not have access to these tools on a regular basis the opportunity to use them, and/or learn how to use them properly. Ultimately these spaces are meant to help local individuals or small groups learn to invent and create new ideas and solutions.

As a Town we want to hear from you, and see how you might want to make a space for a Sturbridge Makerspace. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions.

* 1. Have you ever heard of a makerspace before this survey?

* 2. Do you support a Sturbridge makerspace that is available to the general public and to the Sturbridge business community?

* 3. If the Town were unable to create a permanent makerspace, would you support and/or attend a “pop-up” makerspace where once a month these same services were offered at various locations throughout the Town?

* 4. Would you go to the makerspace if classes were offered on subjects you found interesting?

* 5. Please choose the items you would like the Town to make available in a makerspace. Click all that apply: