* 1. Do you support or oppose construction of 8,000 square feet of retail/restaurant on the property on Forest Hill Avenue next to the Shops at Stratford Hills (Martin's/Target)?  This would realize in erection of two medium size buildings where the tattoo parlor is currently located.

* 2. What should be done to the property on Forest Hill Avenue where the trees were removed?

* 3. Are you in favor of a monument sign erected on the Shops at Stratford Hills property visible from Chippenham Parkway?

* 4. How regularly do you frequent the Shops at Stratford Hills?

* 5. Do you support a median break on Joseph Brooks Boulevard to allow for vehicles to turn in to Starbucks immediately after turning in to the shopping center?

* 6. Please share your thoughts regarding the Shops at Stratford Hills.

* 7. Identify your preferences for future tenants as they relate to stores and restaurants.

* 8. Were you aware that Martins was vacating the center?

* 9. What are your recommendations for the Shops at Stratford Hills?