Today there are 150+ Edchat sessions on Twitter. Last year we took at 6 week snap shot of these sessions as well as some education conferences that were on at the time. We found that over 26,000 people used these education hashtags over this period.

Therefore we thought that it would be useful to find out which chats people attend the subject areas that are of interest to people.

We would be grateful if you could take a moment to fill out the details below.

* 1. What is your Twitter user name?

* 2. What age group, subject(s) and country do you teach?

* 3. Which EdChats do you participate in on a regular basis?

* 4. Who is the moderator for the chat?

* 5. What hashtags do you use when communicating with students, staff and/or parents at your school/college? If so what hashtag(s) do you use?

* 6. If we were to produce an EdChat Twitter directory would you want the accounts above to be included?

* 7. What other social media platforms can you be found on?

* 8. Please fill in the details below if you'd like to be sent our updates