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The Leadership Gilroy Class of 2017's class project is called "Celebrate the Arts!" The project is a large-scale mural painted on the wall in the Gilroy Arts Center Plaza located in downtown Gilroy. It will feature young people involved in various types of arts including painting/drawing, theater, cinema, culinary, literature, dance, sculpture, comedy, photography, and music. The goal of the project is to inspire children to appreciate the various arts and to see themselves as potential creators of arts.  

A "Celebrate the Arts Day" event will be held at the Gilroy Arts Center in late September or October to thank everyone involved in the project once the mural is completed. The event will be designed to enable families to meet artists and art groups and learn more about getting involved in local arts programs.

The Leadership Gilroy Class of 2017 is now working with local artist Sheryl Cathers to create the design of the mural. We are also working through the process of getting approval from the city of Gilroy to proceed with the painting of the mural on July 1. We wish to present the project to the Gilroy City Council at its June 19 meeting.

The budget for the project is $10,000, which includes the materials and the painter's time and labor. We are now seeking 10 people, businesses and nonprofit organizations in the South Valley region who are interested in providing a $1,000 "Patron of the Arts" donation to the project. An acknowledgement of their financial gift is recognition on a plaque on the wall of the Gilroy Arts Center. Their generosity will also be publicized in stories published in local newspapers and magazine. The donation is tax-deductible through the Leadership Gilroy program.

If you might be interested in being contacted as a potential "Patron of the Arts," please fill out the following survey and provide your contact information. Please click SUBMIT at the end of the survey once you have completed it.

This survey does not obligate you as a Patron of the Arts donor for "Celebrate the Arts!" project. It only serves to help the Leadership Gilroy class members find people, businesses, and nonprofit organizations showing a genuine interest in joining the team to make the mural project a reality.  

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* 1. If you are an individual, family, business or nonprofit organization and wish to be contacted by a member of the Leadership Gilroy Class of 2017 after June 19 as a $1,000 Patron of the Arts donor for the "Celebrate the Arts!" project, please click "Yes!" and place your name and contact information in the comments information box below.

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* 2. If you wish to provide a brief "endorsement" of the project that we can use in publicizing the project, please type in your words of encouragement in the comments information box below.

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* 3. Are you willing to be involved in the "Celebrate the Arts Day" event when the mural is presented to the Gilroy community? If yes, please briefly tell us in the comments information box how you might like to get involved (such as providing food, money or artist talent).