Our survey gathers information about your priorities for the Fiscal Year 2019 budget. Responses will be provided to City staff and the Mayor and Council during the budget process to help with their prioritization and decision-making. This survey has three questions and should take about five minutes to complete. Thank you for your input.

Please note that all survey information provided in connection with the survey will be included as part of the public record for the FY 2019 budget.

* Name:

* Address:

* 1. Please select your top budget priorities for FY 2019 (up to five may be selected).

* 2. In order to accommodate new priorities for FY 2019, the City has a range of options to maintain a balanced budget, including increasing revenues (e.g. raising taxes), reducing or modifying current services, or reducing City staff. Please choose how you would like the City to address this situation and provide an explanation.

* 3. Please describe any ideas you have for decreasing costs or improving operational efficiency.