HOW Needs Your Feedback!

Homeschoolers of Wyoming (HOW) is currently lacking adequate and key board members. A full complement of board members would be seven families. We currently have four families serving on the board and no president. If you feel the Lord is leading you to serve in this ministry, please let us know. We would like some feedback from you to know where we should be concentrating our limited manpower.

* 1. Rank the following HOW ministries from 1-5 with 1 being most important to you.

* 2. Would you assist with the above ministries?

* 3. Do you read the eNews?

* 4. Would you be more inclined to read HOW news if it was a printed newsletter sent less often and only legislative alerts sent via email?

* 5. Would you be interested in serving on the HOW Board for a 2-year term?

* 6. If we are able to hold a future convention, which workshops and activities, besides the main speaker(s), would you suggest?

* 7. Would you assist with planning one of the above workshops/activities?

* 8. Which month do you feel is best to hold a convention?

* 9. If you are interested in helping with HOW, please provide your contact information, name, phone number, and email address.