Anaheim Hills PTA - Serrano Center - Resident Survey

The Anaheim Hills Parent Teacher Association has been requested to conduct a study of the impact of the proposed development of the Serrano Commercial Center to 60 two and three story condominiums. The impact study will focus on the the students of Anaheim Hills Elementary School, their families, and the local residents of Anaheim Hills and Orange.  

Your feedback will be collected and used for the purpose of the PTA to determine if the organization will support, not support or remain neutral on the issue.

Your responses are anonymous. 

Thank you for your opinion.

Question Title

* 1. Check the box(es) that describes you

Question Title

* 2. It is my opinion that 60 (sixty) two to three story condos at the current Serrano center will impact

  Extreme negative impact Negative impact Neutral / No impact Positive Impact Extreme positive impact Unsure
Pedestrian/Student safety

Question Title

* 3. It is my opinion that the LOSS of the small businesses located at Serrano Commercial Center will impact

  Extreme negative impact Negative impact No impact / neutral Positive impact Extreme positive impact Unsure
LOSS of businesses that cater to Anaheim Hills and City of Orange children (dance studio, martial arts, music, swim instruction, preschool, etc.)
LOSS of businesses that cater to Anaheim HIlls and City of Orange residents (dry cleaner, salon, convenience market, etc.)

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* 4. Do you support the building of 60 condos at Serrano Center

Question Title

* 5. Please explain the reason for your response to question 4.