Introduction & Overview

The 2018 Linn County Worksite Wellness Assessment was adapted from The Designing Healthy Environments at Work (DHEW) assessment while incorporating metrics from both the Healthiest State Initiative’s Healthy Hometown Program and Blue Zones Project.  This tool assesses (1) How well your worksite’s current infrastructure and policies support employee wellbeing and (2) The degree to which your worksite environment, culture and offerings are conducive to increasing comprehensive employee health outcomes.  The assessment itself is structured around 7 dimensions of wellness – vocational, social, emotional, physical, financial, environmental, and spiritual.

This assessment is the first step to improving your worksite’s support of the health and safety of employees and aids to improve overall wellness in the workplace.  The results of this assessment will assist you in identifying the existing initiatives that encourage healthy lifestyles and will also recommend ways in which your worksite can more effectively support employee health and wellness activities via policy and/or environmental changes.

Completing the Assessment
It’s encouraged that wellness committee members participate in completing the assessment.  Gathering the information to complete the assessment usually takes some teamwork and a bit of time to collect worksite policies and practices.  A printable version of the assessment is available [HERE] for team members to complete prior to submitting the assessment online.  Once you have gathered the information, entering the answers online generally takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Some of the questions require documentation.  Please send your documentation and direct any questions to

Linn County Worksite Wellness Summit
Join us at the Linn County Worksite Wellness Summit on June 21 at Elmcrest Country Club to learn more about what other worksites are doing.  Each dimension of wellness will have an award for the worksite who exemplifies the true meaning of that dimension.  After completion of this survey, a prompt will direct you to reserve your spot at the Summit.

Assessment Feedback Report
After the Summit, a report will be sent to each participating workplace.  Your feedback includes: a scorecard and comparison histogram by wellness dimension area and a best practice report—overall and by wellness dimension area.