New Youth Mobility from Italy to Australia

This research project is conducted by Dr. Hernán Cuervo and Dr. Babak Dadvand from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne, and Prof. Mauro Giardiello and Prof. Rosa Capobianco, Università Roma Tre.
The project aims to find out the motivations for young Italians, aged 18 to 35 years old, to migrate to Australia, and to understand how you construct a new sense of belonging in Australia. We are interested in understanding why you decide to move to Australia (e.g. for short-term work, long term or permanent migration) and how you have built a new sense of belonging (e.g. things, places and people that make you feel at home). The overall objective is to understand what facilitates and hinders the integration of recently arrived Italians into Australia and how new forms of belonging can be constructed in the new community.
This information will be used to assist government and community organisations enrich their understanding of culturally diverse young people and improve their policies and programs.
Participation in this research is entirely voluntary.

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o   The project is for the purpose of research.
o   My participation is voluntary and I am free to withdraw, without explanation, at any time from the project and to withdraw any unprocessed data previously supplied.
o   I will be assigned a code, and my name will not be used in the data analysis. In this way the project will protect my anonymity and, subject to legal limitations, ensure confidentiality.
o   Participation in this project involves completing a survey which will take approximately 30 minutes
o   Participation in the project can also involve an interview with the researchers.
o   The interview will take approximately 50-60 minutes.
o   I have been informed that a report of the research findings will be forwarded to me.

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