Waterford CFE Student QA Questionnaire

* 1. Student Name:

* 2. What course are you studying at WCFE?

* 3. Please rate the following

  Yes No
Did the course meet your expectations?
Were the policies of the College made clear to you?
Are you satisfied that all of the relevant information was supplied to you regarding the course?
Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of the teaching which you received?
Did you have sufficient access to your Class tutor during the year?
Did you have an opportunity to discuss your progress with your Class Tutor?
Were you kept informed of assessments to be completed?
Were you informed of assignment submission deadlines?
Are you satisfied that all assessments were carried out fairly?
Were you given adequate feedback on assignments?
Do you think that the student representative system (Student Representative council) was effective in representing your interests?
Did you have sufficient access to information provided by the Student Representative Council?
Were you satisfied with the means provided for you to convey your concerns to the Student Representative Council?

* 4. Resources/Facilities:
Please use the following scale to rate the items that follow.

  Weak Good Very Good Excellent
Access to computing facilities
Access to the Internet
Library facilities
Canteen facilities
Leisure facilities

* 5. How essential are the services provided by career guidance/counselling at WCFE.?

* 6. Please list three positive features of the course and/or College

* 7. Please list other subjects, topics or courses that you would like to see added to your current course.

* 8. Why did you decide to study at WCFE?

* 9. Would you recommend the course you have taken to other people?

Thank you very much for filling in this questionnaire. To complete please press the button below to submit your answers.