The learning objectives for this session were:
1. Session participants will learn about the role of architecture at both the Seattle and Spokane expositions and gain a sense of the lasting architectural legacy both fairs had for their respective cities.
2. Participants will be able to compare and contrast mid-twentieth century expo experiences with contemporary fairs, specifically that held in Shanghai in 2010.
3. Session participants will explore the challenges and obstacles cities face as they grapple with incorporating the physical remnants of a fair - sites, buildings, and objects – into the fabric and infrastructure of existing cities.
4. Through ‘show and tell,’ session participants will relate their own experiences attending world expos and gain an understanding of how the experiences of others shaped their outlook on preservation.

* 1. Did the presenter(s) cover all 4 of the learning objectives?

* 2. If he/she did not cover all four, which one(s) were left out?

Please rate this session on the following characteristics:

* 3. I found the information in this session relevant.

* 4. I was comfortable with the pace of this session .

* 5. I was comfortable with the length of this session .

* 6. I was well engaged during the session.

* 7. It was easy for me to get actively involved during the session.

* 8. Please briefly describe the activities that were successful in allowing you to become actively involved.

* 9. The presenter(s) was (were) knowledgeable about the topic.

* 10. I will be able to apply what I learned in this session to my work.

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* 12. I would recommend the presenter(s) to my peers.

* 13. The most important thing I learned in this session was...

* 14. Commendations or suggestions for improvement.

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